Monday, December 19, 2011

Who am I?

The Front of my NEW HOUSE!

My Porch! It needs swept.

The East Side Gable Window, Ground Floor

The East Alcove Tower

My Second Story Porch from the Outside

Thank God the zoom on my camera works! East Gable Tower Second Floor

East GableTower Second Floor

The Attic Outside

West Tower and Attic

Hello. My name is Chelise Anderson. I am 25 years old. I am currently a student at the University of Phoenix. I am studying to become an Environmental Scientist. Recently, my mom bought me a beautiful Painted Lady in Applebarrel, Colorado. I visited the house for the first time today. The outside absolutely took my breath away. Aside from the unfinished roof, the house is beautiful and very Victorian-esque! Once I entered it however, my jaw dropped. It's completely bare! There aren't any fixtures, dry wall, or even a toilet! There's no power or water in the house either. But, as a house warming present, my mom set up a Christmas tree for me. How sweet :).

My Living room, with fireplace...odd!

The Perfect Tree! Thanks Momma!

My Living Room through the Window

Entering My New Home!

The Foyer



There's a fire place in the room I designated as the living room. Odd, it's the only thing that is finished in the whole house...? The stairs are a bit intimidating. There's no bannister rail. That needs fixed. There's a doorway to the kitchen under the stairs. I think I'm going to change that A.S.A.P! I want the door at the bottom of the stairs and I want a closet under the stairs. Thank God for Google. I may be able to figure this out. I have a limited budget as I'm a student, so I'm hoping to do all of the work myself.

Going Up to the Second Floor

The second floor is like the first floor. There's a flight of stairs at the top of the first floor stairs. If I'm not careful, anything I carry up could get stuck. There's a beautiful porch on the second floor! How cool is that? The room to the right of the stairs is going to be the bathroom. Yes, I don't care if I have to run extra plumbing, I don't want the bathroom over the kitchen. The big room is going to be my office/library. Again no bannister on the freestanding stairs. I crawled up them...

The door to the second floor porch


An odd picture of the wall? The door to the porch is on the left... and on the right is the door to the bathroom.

My will-be office/library

What will be my bathroom.

An off picture of my bathroom.

I took this picture before crawling on all fours up these dangerous things...

The third floor is amazing! The wide room is going to be my bedroom. There's an alcove where I'm going to set up a reading area. I think I may add a lab up here too. That would be neat. The small room I'm not going to worry about finishing. It's going to be my storage room, but I may make it look like an old fashioned attic with the rafters showing, that would look awesome. :) And because I'm doing it on the wall instead of tearing away the existing wall, it won't be cold. Maybe I can use railroad ties cut in half for the look, or maybe old barn wood. Hmm... I'll have to ponder that some more.

The Bedroom alcove!

The bedroom alcove again

The doorway to the storage room

I took this on the other side of the stairs, isn't that window pretty!

The oddly shaped storage room

Oh...My! There's a hidden room! The tower is a small, odd shaped room! It's cramped quarters. I have no idea what I'm going to do with this room... It's really dark too since there's no windows. More to ponder. :)

Tower Room Roof

Hidden Tower Room

I hope you will join me for my journey. I'm so excited! I'll have to juggle school and my house for a while, but I think with some serious TLC I can make this my dream home!

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