Tuesday, December 20, 2011


My doorway

The under the stairs closet

Inside the closet

Lol, more closet

Not perfect yet but here's my stairs
Today feels so good! I made progress on my house! I drew up some plans and then went to Home Depot and got some cheap plywood. I don't know if it's the stuff I should use, but I like how it looks, plus I'm on a budget. I found some texture on clearance too. And!!! I found some paint in their wrong-color paints, you know, the kind where you can get the really good stuff because someone messed up and mixed the wrong color. I found this beautiful green that I fell in love with. I also bought a gallon of white from Wal-mart. I already had the nails, a saw, and a hammer. I bought the texture tools at Home Depot for really cheap. Oh! And I talked to my mom and she had this amazing door in the garage. Yay! Maybe I'll add a window? I don't know yet, we'll see :D

I worked for the past few days and managed to cut the new door, seal the other door, and make the under the stairs closet. I also managed to get a little painting done! Now for the bannister rail. I'm so excited at the progress. I need to finish painting the stairs, I'm not content with how it looks and the paint I got on the steps. I love Love LOVE my textured walls. I'm so proud! I can't decide if I want to hang a door at the bottom of the stairs or if I want to make arches for it. I'm leaning toward an archway. Anyway, here's pictures of what I've finished so far and of my plans for the house. Thanks for reading! :D

My Plans for my new door and under the stairs closet

My plans for my house

The colors I'm planning on painting the rooms

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