Friday, February 17, 2012


A Closer Picture of the Bannister Rail
The Bannister Rail I made. :)
Man, just when you think your life couldn't possibly get any busier, the holiday's come and just knock you around a bit. Life becomes a ship trying to survive a hurricane. I haven't posted in almost two months, geeze it doesn't seem that long. Good news is, I've been busy working on my house as well as spending time with the family, dealing with school -.-, and handling a toothache.

The closet

The Stairs and the Lighter Color

Great update! I got the living room done! These pictures are before I layed the carpet in. I found some great discount carpet at the thrift store. It's a deep green, so I lightened the walls so the living room wouldn't be so terribly dark. I didn't know if I would like the color better lightened but I do.

I also made the arch for the doorway like I had been thinking about doing. I really like it. I love the way the bannister rail came out with some scrap pieces of wood. I had to drill the holes and everything.

Here are some pics of the living room after I added the carpet. :D I also got the windows hung and the inside frames painted and hung. I haven't painted the ceiling because I don't know if I'm going to try and find some tiles or if I'll just paint it white. I can't wait to get some furniture in here! That'll have to wait for now. I'm moving on to the kitchen next :)
Absolutely Loving the Carpet!

I got the closet rod hung and some spare tiles on the floor :)
My front door :)

The carpet wasn't tacked down yet
My fireplace ^.^
My fireplace lit, there was a lamp on.
My fireplace minus the lamp-light So pretty!

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