Friday, March 23, 2012


Bye Bye Egg colors

Getting Closer :D

These colors had to go! Look at the green! How pretty!
Okie Dokey. Hi! *huff* It's been a crazy few weeks. I've had finals and huge papers due. Plus, I've decided that the Easter Egg house HAD TO GO! I have been painting it myself and boy oh boy is it exhausting! I bought some mistints at Home Depot. I LOVE the new colors! Here's some pictures of in the process painting. I don't have the house done yet, so ya'll will have to wait to see it. I'm so much happier though! The house is a work in progress, as is everything. The weather has warmed up to a more consistent temperature, but of course, being in Colorado there is no guarantee that the weather will stay nice. It was actually really hot today, which is weird considering it's March. Well, I gotta get back to it. I'll try to post more often. Have a great day!

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